Friday, November 16, 2012

Tyler Stout Reservoir Dogs poster sale lotto info

Details from Tyler :

greetings from the end of 2012,
these are the lottery instructions for my Reservoir Dogs poster, regular and variant editions.

to give everyone an equal chance, posters will be sold by email lottery. you enter by email, if its picked, i'll email you and give you purchase details.

Costwise, posters will be $65 plus shipping (regular), $110 for the variant (plus shipping)

  both are signed and numbered and stamped on the back by me.

I am limiting people to one poster per person. you cannot buy both the regular and variant if picked.

my shipper Sarah will notify those that are picked Friday, November 16th, after 12PM Pacific Standard Time. those picked will have 5 hours to purchase.

Please check if you are wondering about results. i will post updates there. i am unable to notify everyone that is not picked personally.

How to enter the RD lottery

your email should have 2 things
1. your NAME
2. your ADDRESS
- multiple email entries will get you disqualified.
- multiple entries via different email addresses will get you disqualified.
- one entry per household, per mailing address.
- your lotto entry shipping address must match your paypal shipping address.

your address needs to match up to your paypal shipping address, which is where the posters will be shipped. we ship through paypals system, which enables shipping tracking, so the address needs to match.

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