Friday, November 30, 2012

Rob Schwager KAPOW Print Release Details

I can remember when I was a kid, that I used to run home from school to watch my favorite TV shows. You know, super hero stuff, LOTS of cartoons, the 3:30 afternoon movie, etc… All were fodder for my overactive imagination. I'd tie a towel around my neck and suddenly, I WAS a super hero! Jumping off the couch and fighting imaginary bad guys!

Thankfully, due to the classic reruns on cable TV, children are able to enjoy the exact same shows I watched, as corny as they might be by today's standards. I can see that same pattern happening with them. The costumes they get for Halloween, aren't just limited to that one sugar-packed day.


This is the first print in a new series focusing on Rob Schwager's favorite television shows that he watched as a child. The series is dedicated to those TV programs which shaped the person he is today, in so many ways.

There will be no set release dates, or pre-determined line-up, although he currently have plans for six more after this print.

• Hand-pulled screen print by Rob Schwager
• 19″ x 25″ on 100# French Speckletone paper.
• Printed with water based non-toxic ink
• 9 screens
• Signed and numbered, limited edition of 80

The print will be put up for sale HERE, on Sunday, Dec. 2nd at 7PM EST.

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