Monday, November 26, 2012

Gilded Age of Manhattan poster Artist Eric Rosner

Eric Rosner is a Gilded Age of New York City Artist, he illustrates old NYC during the period of 1880-1910.

There is a renewed interest in the history of Manhattan and Eric loves to illustrate the buildings, people and street scenes of that fascinating period.

Eric's art has taken off lately as it has been selling at CB2, BoConcept, and in April the MoMA Store in NYC.

Illustrating in NYC for over 20 years, Eric Rosner has a unique style that recaptures a classic period of Manhattan and presents it for a new participating audience. Ink marker is used to create stunning iconic structures from a golden era. This process is combined with digital enhancements that complete a singular vision to showcase New York City's most eloquent inhabitants. His canvas prints grab the attention of the on-looker as an awe inspiring tribute to a golden age with a modern twist for today.

"I get lost in the moment when a piece comes to life. You find yourself thinking of all the people who have graced the grand Metropolis and these buildings have housed them all. Whether it was epic business transaction, stunning scientific discoveries or grand entertainment showcasing, the city of New York has a unique tale of histories. With my artwork, I hope you can conjure a stunning time period over a century ago when the imagination ran wild and magnificent structures soared to the sky."-ER

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