Monday, November 26, 2012

'Unfold' - An alto Exhibition at Little Ox Gallery

Continuing the recent run of UK-based designer toy events, December 13th 2012 sees attention head north to the wintry climes of Scotland, the Little Ox Gallery, Edinburgh, and the debut solo show of alto (aka Chris Dobson), entitled ‘Unfold’.

A new series of giclee digital prints anchors the exhibition, which will also see the public unveiling of two original resin toys.

Evil Origami, produced in collaboration with DMS ( will appear in customised form, as ten Scottish-based artists provide their own unique take on the piece. Ranging from established names in the toy world, such as Lisa Rae Hansen ( and Conzo (, through to famed Glaswegian street-artist, Klingatron (, graphic design studios Effektive ( and Berg ( and illustrators Daniel Seex (, Badatmath (, Robbie Porter (, Verity Keniger ( and The Lindstrom Effect ( ).

Also on show will be exhibition mascot, the literally named, Little Ox, produced in conjunction with Creo Design ( and resplendent in an array of colourways.

Of the prints, themselves, Chris writes:

‘I wanted to explore the continuing reference points, in contemporary art and design, of key pop-cultural icons that have endured through the generations – Star Wars, Transformers, superheroes, etc – and what happens when this seam of inspiration begins to unravel and break down. In doing so, of course, I have merely (and somewhat cheekily), ensured that the mining of such rich source material continues unashamedly’

Each of the ten prints is an edition of 50 and all are now available for pre-order, via the alto webstore (, at the stocking-filler friendly price of £15 each, with a special pre-show exclusive offer of £100 for the complete set.

More details on the event can be found via the following Facebook page and alto, on Twitter (

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