Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nicholas Forker Waiting For His Pitch 3 Print On Sale Today

WHO: New York City artist Nicholas Forker makes his 1xRUN debut combining two of America's favorite pastimes Baseball + Space Travel with "Waiting For His Pitch 3".

DETAILS: 18 x 24 Inches Hand-Embellished Screen Print On 140lbs Archival Edition of 75 Signed and Numbered

WHEN: Wednesday, November 21st at 12PM EST on this release will be available for one week or until the edition sells out.

WHERE: This print, images, artist Q&A and additional information available on 1xRUN at

WHAT: "This piece came about as part of a fascination with astronauts as a perfect semiotic metaphor for the American narrative in the late 20th century. I wanted to speak also to the disappearing role of the hero and the relationships between father and son. This image was the first piece I ever created in ballpoint on mylar. It was the first image I really gave my all to. Because of this piece I was offered a solo show in Chelsea. This piece is very special to me as it marked the beginning of my adult art career. I have re-created it in graphite on mylar, and am offering this hand-embellished print run because I would say it is my most iconic image to date." - Nicholas Forker

ABOUT Nicholas Forker: "Midwestern kid living in Brooklyn who never learned how to draw. Been in New York City for eight years making things. He enjoys carrot juice, popcorn and comic books. Spends a lot of time looking at the sky." - Nicholas Forker.

Artist Statement: Duality (an illusionary construct of logic by which we perceive the forms of time) does not exist. Separateness does not exist. It is a tool by which perception is possible. The reconciliation of pairs of opposites life/ death, male/female, carbon/silicon, black/ white, light/ shadow, birth/ rebirth, inner/ outer, points to something more eternal. I believe it is the function of art to make visible the radiance of eternity through all the forms of time.

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