Friday, November 16, 2012

Officially Limited Movie Indiegogo Fundraiser & Exclusive Jay Ryan Print Reveal

Details about the fundraising campaign :

Officially Limited is a feature length documentary about movie poster & pop art culture - the creators, collectors, events, curators and the business approaches that have created the phenomenon.

Where We're At

A good portion of the work for the film has already been completed. Over the past year, I've traveled across the country (San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, North Carolina) shooting footage of events and interviewing artists and enthusiasts.

I've accumulated over 60 hours of footage (sorry editors), and now need help putting it all together. I also have a few crucial interviews that still need to be shot and they require travel. I've run out of money with lots of work and travel left to do and I still need to pay an editor and sound designer, run the film through post-production, get DVDs made, submit to festivals, generate promotional get the picture.

Pictured above is the Jay Ryan sketch of the Michigan print that is exclusive to this project

Go HERE to donate and learn more 

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