Friday, November 16, 2012

Jeremy Geddes Sets of Portfolio Prints On Sale

Jeremy Geddes has released 2 sets of Portfolio Prints of his most popular paintings. Both sets are open editions.

Portfolio One
Set of 15 Lithographs
Portfolio One includes: Cosmonaut 1, Cosmonaut 3, Red Cosmonaut Preliminary Study, Cosmonaut 4, Red Cosmonaut, Redemption, Saint Jeremiah Finally Receives Illumination, Sweet Love for Planet Earth, Cluster Preliminary Study, Adrift, Adrift detail, Cluster, Cluster detail, White Cosmonaut, White Cosmonaut detail 
Size: W16 X H16cm 
Portfolio Two
Set of 15 Lithographs
Portfolio Two includes: Warmer Air, Heat Death, A Perfect Vacuum, The Street, The Street detail, King Edward Preliminary Study, Alley, There is Glory in Our Failure, The Cafe, Pale Memory, Freeway, Acedia, Acedia detail, Failing Echo (A Quiet Heaven), Begin Again 
Size: W20.5 X H12cm 
Both sets are around $30 US shipped 

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