Friday, November 23, 2012

David Welker Black Friday Weekend 3 Pack Special

Black Weekend 3 Pack Special
Starting Friday Furthur Greek Theatre and Capitol Theatre Posters. All 3 for $30

-- RP McMurphy
-- Random Insane Bonus Print

These 3 posters will drop together for $10 a piece through the weekend and when Monday comes they will be gone for good. Grab them now or again for a friend. They POP like crazy in person. Fun Fun Fun !

David Welker released over 70 of these RP McMurphy bonus prints this month. He'll let go of about 20 more to all new orders including the Black Weekend special.

Random Insane Bonus Print
One of the "Black Weekend" tubes will have the last available copy of the very popular "A Walk in the Woods" giclee . Good Luck !

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