Monday, November 26, 2012

Jon Smith Drinking Buddies Set of Prints on sale NOW

Glow in the Dark Variant

Glow in the Dark Mock up


Jon Smith knows the secret to Holiday Happiness- it can be found at the bottom of a bottle. And since liver failure loves company, Jon’s brought along 4 famous spirit-aficionados to adorn your walls!

From Jon- “Your bar, den and or man cave is missing something but you juuuust can’t put your finger on it….well we’ve figured it out, THIS IS IT!!

Drinking is a universal pastime, Nakatomi Drinking Buddies is an art print collection of illustrations, celebrating the greatest, famous/infamous drinkers in the history of popular culture. Writers, songwriters, musicians…dudes who want their rug back. This set covers a wide spectrum of spirit imbibers from the sublime to the deranged. Handcrafted with the finest of ingredients to ensure quality and potency, the Nakatomi Drinking Buddies art print set is guaranteed to warm your winter!”

This set of 4 9×12 hand-printed silkscreen art prints is limited to 150 copies worldwide. Also available in a GLOW IN THE DARK / Metallic ink variant set, and an uncut sheet of the same!

Ah, that will put some hair on your chest!

The prints are available now HERE IN THE JON SMITH STORE on Nakatomi!

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