Friday, July 26, 2013

Dan Mumford Radiant Dawn Print

Radiant Dawn is a brand new 4 color print and follow up to the Nuclear Summer series (Sunset/Sunrise) by Dan Mumford. Its been a chance for him to visit the themes and ideas from those two original prints that he created back in 2007 but in a much more expansive way. In theory this is the beginning of a set that will explore the idea of creating beautiful landscapes from quite destructive and terryfying things, a second print is already on it's way! And as always, Dan loves depicting apocalyptic images.

Radiant Dawn is a 4 color A2 (420 × 594mm) Screenprint on 270gsm Archival Stock. The edition of this new print is 60, and as always all prints are signed, stamped and numbered and available exclusively through Radiant Dawn is £40 ($60 USD at time of writing.) and available in the store right now!

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