Friday, July 19, 2013

Madsteez SpaceWEENpac Gold & Silver Edition Print Release

"I hacked my way into a NASA online directory full of crazy high-res images of Nebulas, Supernovas and Black Holes when 2Pac's "To the end of time" came on and I was like holy shit, it's a conspiracy. NASA sent him to explore the outer depths of space wearing a spacesuit forged of gold and silver from the Tycho Supernova Remnant. It took me precisely 40.4 × 10?9 light years or to the laymen, 1 hour and 44 minutes. There was a stellar explosion at a velocity of 44,454 km/s (11% the speed of light) driving a shock wave into the surrounding interstellar medium causing the creation of SpaceWEENpac.

When the WEENT!LL!ANs cross the Einstein-Rosen Bridge through the 4th dimension, they will choose SpaceWEENpac as their one true leader. To ensure their safety once the higher-dimensional analogues are irreversible in the calendar era of L.A.W. or Life After WEEN." - MADSTEEZ

SpaceWEENpac comes in two editions Gold & Silver both are 18 x 24 inch Screen Print On 130lbs Cougar Fine Art Paper with signed and numbered editions of 40 each

On sale today at NOON EDT at

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