Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inner State Gallery Presents Camilo Pardo’s “Zero Gravity”

Opening July 26th, Inner State Gallery presents an entirely new body of work from Detroit artist and famed designer of the Ford GT Camilo Pardo. Returning to Detroit for his first hometown exhibition in two years, “Zero Gravity” will be a uniquely Detroit summertime exhibition.

The solo exhibition invites the public to engage with Camilo’s signature artwork, fashion, automobiles and refreshments, served up as only Camilo Pardo can. The opening reception will be free and open to the public. The exhibition will be shown from July 26th – August 20th at Inner State Gallery, located at 1410 Gratiot Ave in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Internationally recognized for his groundbreaking design on the Ford GT, Camilo’s work carries an inertia that transcends from his work seen on the city’s freeways as it flows seamlessly into the worlds of fashion and fine art galleries. This is where “Zero Gravity” begins.

“The idea for Zero Gravity came from a series of images created at a party we threw called “Space.” With my paintings there is a certain amount of energy and movement. I like to keep that kind of energy in my work, you can see it in the brush strokes, the colors and the composition. A lot of times, the composition of the subject matter is so large that it doesn’t really fit in the canvas. It’s like it’s coming at you and it’s so close that it’s really on top of you. I like that kind of composition, dynamics and drama. With this collection, Zero Gravity is the point where you leave the planet and enter the atmosphere and everything floats.” Camilo said while at his studio space in Detroit’s Bankle Building.

Zero Gravity will feature more than 20 new paintings along with recent fashion and automotive paintings that Camilo has created over the recent months and the show is set to be one Detroit’s premier summer art events.

“With Camilo´s latest collection of work, Zero Gravity he reaches back to his roots as a painter and expands on his already extensive creative vocabulary for what will be a must see exhibition this summer in Detroit. With our new gallery, Inner State, open in Eastern Market we're excited to continue working with Camilo as his last exhibition in 2011 (at 323East in Royal Oak) was a total success and we expect that Zero Gravity will be no different," Inner State Gallery partner Jesse Cory said.

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