Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nychos & The Weird Villains Mural Detroit Michigan

The Weird and Nychos recently completed another incredible mural in Detroit's Eastern Market. The Inside the Rock Poster Street Team was there to capture this stunning piece of work. This one is titled The Weird Villains and was painted by DXTR, Nychos, Cone, HRVB, Vidam and Look. Asked why the car has square brick wheels DXTR said " Because it's stupider". That is not to be taken the wrong way, they just like a good laugh and to have fun with the work they create. Inner State Gallery has had them in Detroit the past few weeks doing murals and have a showing of their work at the gallery.

1xRUN even has a huge selection of original work by each member of the crew for sale right now as well, check it out at

Now if you are in the area Vidam did a couple of separate pieces of his own as well but you gotta look for them.

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