Monday, July 22, 2013

War Games Movie Poster By James White Release Details

Skuzzles are really excited to be announcing their latest addition to the Skuzzles poster family. They reached out to another of their fellow axe-wielding, plaid covered, maple syrup chugging Canadians, James White of Signal Noise, to create an officially licensed limited edition screen print for the 1983 cult classic War Games. This Academy Award nominated hit starring Matthew Broderick, was one of the first movies to expose "hacker culture" on the big screen and featured the use of the IMSAI 8080 microcomputer and a 212A (Cermetek) modem. It was no surprise that James’ artwork completely nailed the feel of the movie combining the digital tech, military and character aspects of the film. When James presented Skuzzles the idea of his variant to compliment his incredible stylish regular they were completely on board. The end result of the variant gives the perception you are looking at a monochrome CRT computer monitor aka “Green Screen”.

Here's a little bit from James White regarding his War Games poster:

"I've been a fan of WAR GAMES since I was a little kid, so I was psyched when Skuzzles approached me to do an official poster for the film. Pretty honoured, especially since this movie is pre-Bueller Broderick. That's a big deal in my household. I immediately started sketching up some ideas and was heavily focused on old Atari box art for inspiration. I didn't transfer that actual Atari aesthetic, but more the layouts and compositions served as a great starting point. After a few rounds of sketching, the poster was nailed down. Super fun."

Here are the details of the release:
War Games Regular Edition Red
Price $45
Size 36" x 24" - 5 color screen print
Edition size of 165

War Games “Green CRT” Variant Edition
Price $60
Size 36" x 24" - 5 color screen print
Edition size of 70

GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR BEGINS (screen prints on sale) on Tuesday July 23 @ 12:00PM Eastern Time on the Skuzzles homepage. Join their mailing list or follow them on twitter @SKUZZLESCAN for announcements.

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