Monday, July 22, 2013

Pearl Jam & Ron English Falla Sheep Figure

Never one to shy away from expressing their political or social views on what is happening in the world, Pearl Jam is once again ready to make a statement. Ron English has collaborated with  Pearl Jam to produce this awesome line up of blind box vinyl sheep in wolves clothing toys. Standing at 3.5 " tall, each piece will come sealed in a foil bag and blind boxed, meaning you will not know the color until you open the bag. Available in 7 color variations, they are due to release in September from the Pearl Jam fan club 10 Club and fine collectable toy stores through out the world.

Pearl Jam are known for producing collectable memorabilia for their fans, usually focusing on apparel. Though this isn't the first time they have dabbled in the toy world, this is the first time they have produced an Art Toy working alongside an artist to bring to life the bands vision. Confirmed these will be vinyl figures


  1. Merch Band... so much merch... no thanks!

  2. It says in the article this isn't the first time Pearl Jam has dabbled in the toy world- what specifically did they dabble into? The only dabble I have seen is collaboration with Todd McFarlane but that was poster. Any links or specific references?