Monday, July 22, 2013

Flatstock 40 Poster Show in Chicago Pictures & Video

This past week has been an incredible week for poster collectors, artists and music fans. Think about this in one week you had San Diego Comic Con, TRPS Poster show in San Francisco, 3 nights of Phish in Chicago, Pearl Jam played Wrigley Field in Chicago and Flatstock in Chicago. That is a lot of fun events across the US in a short time.

API, American Poster Institute once again put on a great event. As usual as well what is Flatstock in Chicago without the heat, rain, floods and fence jumpers, all of which seem to be a tradition. Flatstock for me is always fun since it's a chance to meet the artists in person that normally we only talk through email or on the phone. This year in Chicago a lot more European artists came over then ever before. It was great to finally meet Lars Kruse and then Michael Hacker for the first time as well. Sad I missed Adam Pobiak but my plans got screwed up and his schedule was changing so never did see him. Happy to meet Luke Howard for the first time, he is from the US. Big THANK YOU TO Dan MacAdam of Crosshair as well for helping put on the event and help when my schedule got messed up. The one guy who was having the most fun was Colin Arens, Kii Aren's cousin who some how had his own dance party in the tent on Sunday as well

A lot of the artists have also been on the road for the past 2-3 weeks doing events so be patient they will be releasing a bunch of new stuff as soon as they get home and get caught up on their business.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and try and check out a Flatstock event if it comes near you

Click the Coverage of Gallery and Flatstock Events tab at the top to see all the pictures.

Check out the random video featuring a great Jay Ryan Interview

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