Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weird & Nychos Pyramid of Fat Mural in Eastern Market Detroit Michigan

The past several weeks The Weird; Nychos, DXTR, Cone, LOOK, HRVB, Vidam were in Detroit, Michigan brought in by Inner State Gallery for some shows at the gallery and to create some incredible murals. Here is the final mural they created and after these past weeks they have really left their mark on a city that needs a something good in it. They have brightened up the area in Eastern Market of Detroit with four incredible murals along with some smaller pieces around town as well. At the same time Nychos was being filmed for a documentary film about his work across the globe that is expected to be completed next year.

The shows at Inner State Gallery were a great exhibition of their talents in a smaller scale that people could purchase in the form of prints and original work, check them out HERE. Local people were in awe of the massive scale and skill The Weird possessed with just spray paint to create the art and everyone is looking forward to them coming back to add to the landscape again.

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