Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frank Kozik Soundgarden New Jersey Poster Release Details

Some of you may remember the problems Frank Kozik had with this poster back in May of this year, you can read about it HERE . Long story short, Soundgarden management screwed up when they had this poster printed for the show at The Mac in New Jersey. Frank wanted it as silk screen like he does all his posters, well they printed it as a lithograph on thin paper.

Well good news, as other have learned Don't FUCK with FRANK. He will be releasing this as a silk screen today at NOON PDT.

Soundgarden at the MAC May 14th 2013 Monmouth University West Long Branch NJ

Artist Variant
6 color silkscreen (5 florescent plus black)
140 lb archival gloss paper
22.5" x 35"
Signed and numbered edition of 100

Buy it at FrankKozik.net today at NOON PDT

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