Thursday, September 26, 2013

Avett Brothers Jermaine Rogers Cleveland Poster & Godfather II Release Details

AVETT BROTHERS (Cleveland) -

This 24x18 piece is screen printed on white cream gallery stock, from a signed and numbered edition of 175 pieces. The majority of these were made available at the actual show in Cleveland, OH. Now, we have a limited number available via - 40.00 plus shipping/ handling

About the imagery, Jermaine says:

'I wanted to touch on the dark themes that seem to run undercurrent in much of the Avett Brothers' music. Everyone hears the beauty, but the darkness and unsteadiness and doubt are there. I wanted to touch on that and attempt to illustrate it and lay it bare, at least my personal interpretation. The lyric I included in the image are from the song, 'Head Full Of Doubt/ Road Full Of Promise'. The words are indicative of a darker reality that seems to run undercurrent in much of the bands music. It's my favorite lyric of theirs.'


This 24x18 piece is screen printed on holographic laser ray foil stock, from a signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces. - 80.00 plus shipping/ handling


This print was commissioned for the recent limited screening of GODFATHER II at the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco, in association with Spoke Art.

Jermaine mentions:

This film has always been one of my favorites. The imagery denotes what I think the film is really touching on with themes of intention and expectation, and how so often these things can spiral out of control. As for the look of the thing, some of my biggest heroes are Polish film poster artists and that style from the 60's-80's, so everything here is real D.I.Y.: everything hand-done and very raw and tactile. The film is that kind of experience, in itself.'

The regular edition of this piece sold out at the theatre during the screening of the film and on the official Spoke Art website. The FOIL EDITION is available exclusively from Measuring 29x23 inches, this screen print is on silver matte FOIL stock, in a very limited edition of only 30 signed and numbered pieces. - 80.00 plus shipping/handling

NOTE: All of the above prints will be made available for purchase on:

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