Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Breaking Bad Ty Mattson Prints

The Breaking Bad Store released some more cool looking prints today as the final episode draws closer. Ty Mattson designed a set of three posters to celebrate the Emmy-winning series. The poster series illustrates the transformation of Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, over the course of the highly-acclaimed series.

There are 4 posters plus a set of 3 smaller posters. All the posters are silk screened and limited edition. The 4 individual posters are 18 x 24 inches with an edition of 100 signed and numbered. The 3 print set is 11 x 14 silk screened with an edition of 200 signed and numbered.

Well after mentioning those edition numbers they have changed. They are now 1st ed. will be 400 for the 11x14's, 300 for the yellow 18x24, 200 for blue 18x24, 100 for green & orange 18x24s

Mr. White

This first print depicts the Walter White we met in the first season of “Breaking Bad” – the pitiful chemistry teacher, wearing only a green rubber apron and white cotton briefs, frantically cooking meth in the Albuquerque desert.


The second print portrays Walter White as the crystal meth kingpin, “Heisenberg”. Rising to power and descending into chaos, Walter is encircled by the super-lab and a small, pesky intruder.

The final print represents the final incarnation of Walter White: Mr. Lambert. Armed and dangerous, bearded and beleaguered, Mr. Lambert has nothing left to lose!

There is also a Heisenberg variant on hazmat yellow
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  1. Where did the edition size infromation come from?

  2. You doubt my knowledge ? hhahha Ty mentioned it on Twitter

  3. You forgot at least two zeros after all your numbers.

    1. The original set of 3 were released prior to the final 4th. They ran as a set of 1100 each. The yellow I'm not positive about but the first edition 11x14 I believe was 3000. Not taking out of frame to see.as I type I'm looking at the numbered prints and am positive I purchased day of release. There was a second run at least only in a different size.


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