Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ELLE Sea Punk Print & Original Art Release Details

Bottleneck Gallery's sister site Under the Bridge has a huge release today of the work of New York artist ELLE. The blond Queens of the rattle can hailing from Brooklyn, NY, is known for blurring the line between graffiti and street art. ELLE was initially a wheatpaste artist, but upon realizing the ephemeral nature of pastes, became enticed by graffiti. Often, her hand-painted pastes wouldn't last more than a day. ELLE became obsessed, as many writers do, with the idea of "getting up" and repeating her name over and over again. This series of posters are the same as those that ELLE has been putting up in Paris, New York, and Austria this 2013 summer. They are a culmination of abstract color fields, inspired by NY fashion and rainbow-colored hair, while at the same time maintaining the graffiti-esque obsession of writing her name everywhere. This limited edition series allows for the first opportunity to purchase one of ELLE's "Sea Punk" posters.

"I like to focus on the ability we have, as humans, to brand and rebrand ourselves to fit into these ever-fluxing ideas of who we are, who we want to be, and what brings us to a place of peace."-ELLE

Measuring around 22 x 30 inches, each hand pulled screen print is 100% unique and printed with acrylics, body paint, water color, spray paint, white out and/or glitter.

There will be a signed and numbered edition of 30 ($80) as well as 9 OGs ($200).
All prints will go on sale at 12:30pm Eastern today Tuesday.

Buy them at Under The Bridge

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