Monday, September 23, 2013

X-Files 20th Anniversary Prints by Andrew Ghrist & Jeremy Van Cleef

Galerie F Exclusive Release celebrating 20th anniversary of the amazing television series, the X-Files. This month they are paying homage to the X-Files. This sci-fi release features three new art prints by designer Jeremy Van Cleef and illustrator Andrew Ghrist. Each poster is a silkscreen print, more details are listed below with title and price. All works will be on starting Monday at 2 PM CDT.

Duality 1 [Mulder] by Jeremy VanCleef. Edition of 25, 18"x24".

Duality 2 [Scully] by Jeremy VanCleef. Edition of 25, 18"x24".

Two Truths by Andrew Ghrist. Edition of 45, 12"x24".

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