Monday, June 30, 2014

Anonymous Ink & Idea Swans Austin Poster

Anonymous Ink & Idea have a striking new poster for the recent Swans show in Austin Texas on sale.

Details soak them in and enjoy it

Swans - June 27 - Austin, TX
4 ink colors, measuring 18x24″ screen print Printed on 100lb French Pop-Tone (Red Hot) Numbered Edition of 100 Signed by Anonymous

I asked AI&I about the design:

While creating gig posters I often listen to a band's discography in search of inspiration. Swans new album (which I probably listened to 20-30 times) provided me with more than a handful of ideas to pursue. But the strongest vision came to me while listening to the 34 minute track "Bring the Sun" / "Toussaint L'Ouverture" which begins with a loud, powerful, repetitive progression sounding like the announcement of the end of the world. Three minutes in, things change dramatically and I imagine a mother quietly calming her child by raising a finger to her lips and giving a gentle 'shhhhh'. As the song builds back up to its former intensity, I imagine the world in my micro narrative is still ending, but now the fear and anxiety that was so prevalent at the start has been replaced with acceptance and peace. There are some vague spiritual and lyrical references, as well...but I'd rather leave that to interpretation. I will say, the circular image in the background, is an abstract reference to an exploding sun, which was the primary motivation for my color palette. The exploding sun and the calming mother are in conflict with each other, but I tried to present everything at once in the most minimal way I knew how.

Buy it in the Anonymous Ink & Idea Store

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