Monday, June 23, 2014

My Merica Print by Aaron Kaufman Release Details

When I first saw Aaron Kaufman's piece My Merica a couple of months ago my mouth hit my desk. Good art is supposed to evoke an emotional response and his work was right on point. For me this spoke to the rampant gun violence in the this country and lawmakers doing nothing to stem the slaughter do to the fact they are held back from doing the will of the people by a lobbyist group. You can argue all you want about 2nd Amendment rights, but you know what my loved ones, family and myself have the right not fear getting shot when out in the public. A simple back ground is not going to invade on your rights to own 10 guns for whatever reason.

Who is Aaron Kaufman you ask ? Well Aaron Kaufman is a graphic artist based in Montreal, Canada. He has worked with several agencies and collaborated on projects with major clients while pursuing his personal interests as a freelance artist. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and everyday life, Aaron enjoys creating imagery by disassembling and dissecting thoughts, concepts and patterns, and reassembling them using a multidisciplinary approach to create impactful, dynamic and thought provoking work.

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Here is what Aaron said about the creation of My Merica: 
This piece began as an exercise of juxtaposition, by taking colloquialisms, news headlines and visuals, and mixing them together to create imagery. The expression "my 'merica" was a catalyst in the creation of this piece, as I tried to imagine how contemporary America could be portrayed and understood in the world. It became a response to the constant news headlines and media stories in the US: gun control, school shootings, weight loss, obesity and fast food culture.
My Merica is the first client print from the brand new 1xRUN Print Shop and continues with their high standards of print production.

The print is a 18 x 24 inch Archival Pigment Print on 310 GSM Bright White 100% cotton archival paper with a signed and numbered edition of 50.

My Merica print goes on sale Wednesday June 25 3PM EDT at the Inside the Poster Store HERE


  1. Good art brings out emotions and this piece certainly does that. It is polarizing. I think your comments on gun control were exactly what the artist intended. I am on the opposite side of that argument and I was instantly repulsed by the piece and the message (as I see it) it delivers. Pretty fantastic for an artist to be able to do that. While we may disagree on gun control I think we will both agree in the raw talent of Aaron Kaufman!

    1. Sam you are a rare one indeed on the internet. Well thought out mature comment without being stupid. Sam in interest of full disclosure I have been to the gun range many times, I have shot hand guns and an AR-15. A 90 second back ground check is not going to cramp anyone's style in order to keep people safe. People put their seat belt because if they are in an accident they dont want to fly through the window.