Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tara McPherson The Love Note Print Release Details

1xRUN has sexy new release today by Tara McPherson titled The Love Note.

"This painting was part of my 'Wandering Luminations' exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in October 2013. The theme of the show as a whole was about evolution in darkness, and the light that is created from within that dim environment...deep space, deep oceans, dark caves. The parallels these unknown worlds have. Bio-luminescent figures that, in their solitude, create a glowing environment. Light from dark. Creation in isolation.

The idea behind 'The Love Note' was an exploration into the heart hole theme I have been playing with for many years, replacing the empty heart with blank heart shaped note that has been unfolded and pinned to this woman's chest. It signifies the beginning, an almost clean slate if you will, tinged with just a little blood from her past, with a blind leap of faith into the future." - Tara McPherson

On Sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

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