Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Milwaukee Poster by Brian Ewing

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds always get some great posters on their tours and this one by Brian Ewing keeps that tradition going.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds in Milwaukee
18"x24" Screen Print Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered

Printed using a special metallic ink combo, this print actually changes as you walk around it for an optical illusion that’s not to be missed!

Check out this quick TUMBLR video to see how the print changes depending on what angle you're viewing it.

Briant on the poster:
So excited that I got a chance to design a poster for one of the greatest songwriters out there. I got into Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds when "Let Love In" came out. I was living in Minneapolis, and working at a Kinko's. This album changed my life. It gave my brain a much needed break from all the pop punk and post grunge that had been flooding the airwaves. Cave completed the trifecta - the trinity of great singer/songwriters for me. Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave. His music puts images in my head that I've spent years trying to get out onto paper. He's a storyteller.

I always felt that Robert Mitchum in "Night Of The Hunter" seemed like he could have been a character in one of Cave's songs. A corrupt reverend-turned-serial killer who uses his charms to woo an unsuspecting widow and her two children in an attempt to steal a fortune hidden by the woman's dead husband. Ife you liked Mitchum in the original Cape Fear then you'll love this movie too! The scene where he explains why he has "Love" and "Hate" tattooed on his knuckles is awesome. Go see the movie now!

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