Thursday, June 12, 2014

Oliver Hibert PsychicPspacePsex Print

Poster Child Prints is excited to announce a new artist and print edition to the PCP roster. Oliver Hibert, known for his eye catching, bold, surreal, psychedelic and meticulously drawn artwork has created PsychicPspacePsex exclusively for PCP.

The print is 20 x 20 inches, Limited Edition of 150, Signed by Oliver Hibert

Six-color, fluorescent ink silkscreen on 100% cotton archival paper.
Prints are numbered, embossed and exclusive to Poster Child Prints, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity.

These six-color, silkscreen prints are crafted in Los Angeles using the finest paper and archival inks. The bright fluorescent colors cannot fully come to life on screen but trust they're extraordinary in person!

About PsychicPspacePsex:
"Deep inside the galaxies of the cosmic mind, psychic communication through sex is sometimes the only way to see yourself from the outside in. Melt within yourself and the moon will guide you to your desired destination." - Oliver Hibert

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