Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pearl Jam Vienna Austria Poster by Duffyleg

Pearl Jam are in Vienna Austria tonight and a new artist is doing the poster by the name of Duffyleg. He is a Seattle artist that migrated from Arizona to the great Northwest, he found a home in the skate and snowboard industry. The combination of those experiences and influences have shaped my interest in street art, being out late at night, punk rock, hot rods, the fifties, old advertisements, vulgarity, and more. The majority of my work is a mash up of real found imagery and my own variations of my inspirations. The Themes that I find myself drawn to mostly are the old, rare, occult, off color, monsters, ghouls, advertisements, underground, lowbrow, custom culture, tattoos, and just the generally weird. Thanks to someone on twitter for the image of the back sorry I cant remember who it was.

Check out more of his work at and

Artist edition on sale details 

6 Color screen print 18" x 24" on White stock S/N AP Edition of 100

Signed and Numbered by Artist: Duffyleg

Munk One is selling the artist editions for Duffyleg in his Invisible Industries Store

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