Friday, June 20, 2014

Ray LaMontagne & Trans Am Posters by Crosshair Design

Dan MacAdam of Crosshair Design has a couple of new posters and is having a sale.

Weight art print
Crosshair's most ambitious art print in a long while, "Weight," depicts Chicago's iconic Deering Railroad Bridge. Long a destination of punks demonstrating their punkness by climbing it, the Deering bridge is a particularly well-preserved example of the Strauss heel bascule trunion type, and its massive counterweights can be seen from miles around. Weight was debuted by Spoke Art at C2E2 and available exclusively from Spoke for the month of May. It is now available directly from Crosshair. This is a big, 23x23" 12-color silkscreen print packed with subtle color and detail. Edition of 65, signed & numbered by the artist. $80 in the shop.

Ray LaMontagne - Peoria 2014
The other big summer jam is Ray Lamontagne's much-anticipated Supernova. This record's melodic, exuberant songs evoke the feeling of staring into the sun while wearing dark sunglasses, and that's exactly the effect I aimed for with this brand new poster, which Ray commissioned for his June 17th performance in Peoria, IL. It's a 17.5 x 23" six-color silkscreen print, produced in an edition of 160, signed & numbered by the artist. $30 in the shop.

Trans Am 2014 US tour poster
The bonds between Crosshair and Trans Am are many, and go way back. Back, even, to a time before Crosshair or Trans Am existed and we were all just friends looking to make noise and art with whatever means available. After many years and as many tshirts and posters, Trans Am asked Crosshair to design the cover of their new record Volume X (which is excellent and can be purchased at your local record store or direct from our friends at Thrill Jockey). We capped it off with a tour poster that few would even recognize as a Crosshair product unless we told you. Sometimes you just have to throw some ideas in a blender and see what happens. Two-color silkscreen print, 17.5 x 23", s/n edition of 135, $20 in the shop.

It's time for the Crosshair Summer 2014 Sale. From now through the Fourth of July, take 20% off your purchase from the crosshair shop. Everything is eligible and you may use the discount as many times as you like. Enter the code JUNEFOURTEEN at checkout and the discount will be applied to your (pre-shipping) total. Obviously 20% of $80 is more than 20% of $20, so if you've been waiting for an excuse to pick up that fancy art print or that pile of posters and a shirt and some pint glasses all at once, now is the time. And YES they ship worldwide.

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