Friday, June 20, 2014

Drive by Truckers & Cut Copy Posters by Jason Malmberg

Jason Malmberg has a couple of new posters on sale for Drive By Truckers and Cut Copy.

Here is what Jason said about the posters:

The Cut Copy one was meant to evoke their current mystic utopian vibe while using a color palate in tune with their new record's conceptual call-backs to late 80's rave culture in the second summer of love. 

For Drive-By Truckers, I wanted to get away from the more subtle, artsy stuff I usually do and just make a flat-out Rock Poster. It's also my first fully-illustrated poster. 

Both are 18x24 screen prints in limited runs of 70 for Cut Copy (of which I have 20 to sell and am now down to fewer than 8) and 50 for DBTs (which Im also running out of)

Buy them at 

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  1. I picked up the DBT poster from Jason himself the day of the show. It looks even better in person than it does in pictures.