Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jacob Bannon All We Love We Leave Behind Print Series

Jacob Bannon has released an incredible series of 17 prints titled All We Love We Leave Behind. Only 50 Subscriptions will be offered. The complete "All We Love We Leave Behind" Artwork presented as 17 individual 18" X 24" 8 color silkscreened prints by BRLSQ of North America. Subscribers will also receive 1 Bonus Print exclusive to the subscription. Printed on a smooth Cougar White Paper Stock, signed, embossed, and numbered by myself. This project has been over two years in the making, and only 50 AWLWLB Print Series Subscriptions will be offered.

Subscribers will receive:

- The Complete AWLWLB Silkscreened Print series. (17 Prints in all)*
- 1 Bonus Print, exclusive to the subscription
- Savings of 30% on each Print (Just $28 a print)
- Each subscriber will also receive the same number of each print in the series

Four of the prints are up for sale right now for individual purchase.

Buy them all at

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