Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chet Phillips Childhood Book and Prints

Most of the pop culture stuff done these days seems not very well thought out. The characters in situations that most times don't make any damn sense and lack creativity. But Chet Phillips has raised the bar with his book. Childhood is a hand bound book of Japanese styled illustrations paying homage to nostalgic activities and toys. Each image showcases playful parodies of a variety of pop culture characters. The 48 page book includes 20 color illustrations, text and haiku poetry. Written, illustrated and designed by Chet Phillips.

The book measures 8.5″ x 11″ printed on 80 gloss text. Front and back covers are richly textured 100lb. Espresso cover stock with a window on front cover revealing a peek to the interior orange cover stock page. Each cover is gold foil stamped with Japanese characters (translates: childhood) and is sewn with a Japanese stab binding technique using green ribbon. The last two pages translate the Japanese titles and text within each illustration.

You got Godzilla and King Kong playing video games. RoboCop and Terminator playing rockem sockem robots this work is hilarious.

He also has 11 selected scenes that can be bought as prints as well as the book itself.

Buy the book and the prints in his Etsy Store HERE

Check out Chet Phillips
Work  http://chetart.com/
His Blog http://chetart.com/blog/

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