Monday, June 30, 2014

Ernesto Yerena Prayer of the Ancestors & Decolonize Maiz Prints

Ernesto Yerena has a new website and a couple of new prints he just released titled Prayer of the Ancestors & Decolonize Maiz.

Prayer of the Ancestors is a tribute to the original traditions of Mexico before colonization basically forced the people there to reject the culture and languages of the ancestors.

Decolonize Maiz is an image Erneseto created in order to honor Maiz or corn. As a people who are native to the continent where Maiz originates they identify as the people of the Maiz. In many indigenous nations Maiz or corn is a key element in the identity of the people. So if Maiz is gone so is the culture and heart of the people.

The prints can by purchased in Ernesto's Store 

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