Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Know Your Donuts Mixed Media Art Release Details

One of the most polarizing subjects in recent years is the nations police and law enforcement officers and their treatment of people. I have no desire to make this a debate about it, the job they choose to do is not easy. You can look at any job sector and find people that are bad, people that abuse their power and people that should be doing something else and not have contact with other people.

I figured it was time to use a little sarcasm to make a point and poke fun at them. That is how Know Your Donuts came to be. That art is on a real Dunkin Donuts box that is brand new and not used, sorry you will have to get your own sprinkles. Using the Monopoly game get out of jail free card as the idea and the Monopoly font it was created using Montana Gold spray paint. The box was trimmed down to a standard frame friendly size of 15 x 11 inches. The guy glows in the dark as does the shoe. Edition on these is only 12, the guy at the second Dunkin Donuts would have sold me but I did not want him to wonder what I was doing. The first DD I went to would not even sell me any, but I don't give up easy.

No guarantees this will work the next time you find yourself pulled over or in the middle of a riot, but hey try it see what happens. Just don't ask me for any legal fees...

As a little extra bonus when you order one if you include your guess as to how I got the name for this I'll include a little bonus, just include it with the order notes.

On sale at 3pm EDT Wednesday at the Inside the Rock Poster Store HERE

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