Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brad Klausen Black Keys & Widespread Panic Posters Release Details

After being delayed by the US Postal Systems online shipping updates with his store, Brad Klausen is releasing his two recent eye popping posters.

First up is the Black Keys poster for Salt Lake City it is 16.4" x 24", 7 Colors
signed and numbered out of 190

From Brad: “Here's the poster for the Salt Lake City show on the 12th. It's mainly based off the lyric "every now and then I see your face from way back when and I explode" from the song "In Our Prime"... that and the album to me had kind of a cool psychedelic rock vibe, really dig Weight of Love, the whole record had a very interesting vibe and while listening to the record this is what it made me draw.”

Next is his Widespread Panic poster for the show in Grand Prairie, Texas. The poster is 15.4" x 24.14", 6 Colors (cyan is metallic)
signed and numbered out of 87

Brad on the design: "
my introduction to Widespread Panic was from my friends in college. Going to school in Denver had this great perk of getting to see concerts at Red Rocks, which is hands down one of the best places in the world to see a show. At the time I wasn't familiar with Widespread and wasn't interested in going to see them live, but my friends were big fans... and they were able to lure me to tagging along to the shows by saying it was at Red Rocks and we could take mushrooms. And that's all they had to say. You had me at mushrooms. Red rocks and psychedelic mind expanding drugs with live music under the stars... I'm in! That first time I saw them at Red Rocks was quite a trip... not being that familiar with the band's catalog of songs and given their tendency to jam for lengthy periods within a song it allowed my mind to just wander to heights and places it's never been... when things would start to get intense and overwhelming to the point I felt I was about to crack and lose it, the band would break out of it's jam and get back into the song, and that would bring me back to earth and remind me that I was at a concert watching a band and that everything was not only going to be okay, but that everything was awesome... that process happen throughout the whole night, it was a truly illuminating, enlightening night in which I was given a chance to really explore and contemplate. 

In alchemy, there's a part of the process which is referred to as "the peacock's tail". Now most people think alchemy is just a foolish process of trying to turn physical lead into gold. Alchemy is far far more then that sound bite we've all been conditioned to think in order to down play the significance of the science of alchemy. Alchemy is the father of chemistry. Not only is it a real, operative science in which herbal tinctures and medicines are made (the science of pharmaceuticals was created by alchemists), but there is also a philosophical, spiritual aspect to alchemy that deals with the process of enlightenment, the process of reconnecting with the true nature of being. When I think of the times I've seen Widespread out under the stars at Red Rocks, those were very transformative experiences for me... they were evenings of alchemical transformation where I was allowed a chance to reconnect with the true nature of things. My eye was opened. So I will forever associate Widespread with transcendental experiences and mind altering, eye opening nights. "
Both posters will go on sale Friday November 14th at 9am PST at

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