Thursday, November 13, 2014

DJ Qbert Augusta Poster by Jason Craig

Another new artist by the name of Jason Craig contacted me about a poster he just did for DJ Qbert and the show later this month. The poster is 19"x25" two color screen print on Medero Beach French paper for the DJ QBert November 25, 2014 show at Sky City in Augusta, Georgia. Edition of 30 available at the show. $20.

I asked Jason about the poster and himself:
So, the DJ QBert poster was a kind of different situation than usual in that the promoter contacted me and said that he would only book the show if he could get support for it ahead of time. So, I committed to doing a poster before there was ever a solid date. Morning Breath does a lot of cool stuff for QBert so I had to jump at the chance.
I work at a Design agency that used to screen print a lot of posters by hand but as we grow and get busier, the luxury of poster making took a back seat and we started sending the posters that we still designed to other printers to produce for us. Thus taking all of the fun out of it. Earlier this year Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company wanted me to make him a poster and I felt like I needed to print it with my own 2 hands. So, I built my own vacuum table in my garage and made it happen. Right after that I did a fun Bubba Sparxxx poster and that rolled me into the QBert commission.

Printing at home offers its own challenges, mainly I can't burn as many screens as I want and I have to invest my own money into the production. So, my paper choices, amount of colors, etc are all affected by my limitations, which I think will lead to better designs.

The QBert poster is a riff on his double album release which is tagged as "one from Earth and one from space" so there are 2 turntables, one above and one below to represent that. Also, the turn table is made out of the venue (guess I can only do that trick once). Then the little space invader ish guys are getting up and getting down while that mouse is caught in the middle. Not sure if he is being abducted or returned.

The one thing everyone keeps asking about is the outlet at the bottom left. I put it on right before I made the seps and it's just for balance, but it looks like it's winking and it did exactly what I wanted. Created a little more mystery.

Jason will put the QBert poster up for sale after the show is over in his store .

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