Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aaron Horkey & James Jean Mangchi Prints

David Choe had a couple of close friends Aaron Horkey and James Jean create prints for his Mangchi project. Each print is Offset lithography on premium 100lb Cover Stock Paper and printed by 8 color Heidelberg Offset Press. Embossed with 'Mangchi' Logo for Authenticity, Print size: 18 × 24 inches. Quantity: Open Edition

David Choe on the art :
"There's nothing mysterious about me, I talk about my entire life I'm completely transparent - however these two elusive men are shrouded in mystery - the great James Jean and Aaron Horkey, are 2 of the greatest artists in the world, I bow down to their talent and creativity, it is humbling - they both, in their own style and way, create art that seems it's made with a hand not of this earth, they've tapped into some mystical matrix mind bending new world building shit. So to the best of the best I laid out the homework assignment. At almost 40, I am pushing myself together with the whole mangchi crew to create music to think, fuck, fight, nap, cuddle and dance to, whether you agree with me or not I pushed myself way beyond my limits and I created with mangchi, the greatest music on earth, I believe that, we send the message of love, chaos and judging/no judging to bring people together- so I asked james and Aaron to do the same, you're already the best, now push yourself to create the best art you've ever created in your life, it only makes sense that the greatest band in the universe should have the greatest art in the universe to visualize, represent and capture the imaginations of the whole earth - we are just the messengers spreading the message of love, creativity and fucking shit up through the vessels of art, music and dance motherfucker dance. I am beyond proud, honored and excited to present to you the art of James Jean and Aaron Horkey, creating the best shit they've ever created for mangchi ! - so please enjoy and be inspired" - David Choe 
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