Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mimi Yoon Octopussy Print Release

1xRUN have a bunch of great new work from Mimi Yoon. A print, a hand embellished canvas print and 10 originals by her. The print is titled Octopussy, no James Bond connection though.

For artist Mimi Yoon, there is no concrete definition for art. To her it is simply that "art is." Mimi's artwork vibrates with tangible and sensual beauty and honesty. it subtly allures then climaxes to demand attention and is immediately unforgettable.

"This piece explores the femininity, vanity, and sensuality which seem to continue in most of my work. Octopussy was painted in 2012 for a group show, and the original is sold. It's an obviously seductive yet elegant and classy image. The print quality is amazing too. I was wowed by the large canvas print." - Mimi Yoon

On sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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