Friday, November 7, 2014

Sticker Robot 500 Extra Stickers Sale

I like stickers and I have continually praised the ones Sticker Robot makes. They are the best ones out there Silk Screened and UV coated they last for years. It's been almost 2 years since they did a sale like this. Their long awaited Sticker Robot "500 Extra Stickers" Promo is now officially live.

The last time they did it almost 2 years ago I gave away some stickers that said Free Pussy Riot and a reader in Russia actually got them up on the streets of the Russian city he lives, read the story HERE

For the rest of November, every White Vinyl order of 1,000 & Up will receive 500 Extra Stickers!

Order 1,000 and receive 1,500. Order 10,000 and receive 15,000. There’s no limit. But this offer ends on November 30th. Order Your Custom Stickers NOW ! You can see my new ones up above as well.

Order your stickers at and they will even cover shipping.

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