Monday, November 10, 2014

Scribe Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks Print

Scribe and Rumpus are loose again on 1xRUN Monday with a new print titled Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks.

"The rhino Rumpus has always been an extension of me. The connection to moving forward in my life and how I would be responsible for speaking my future just seems to get more real for me every day. Getting down about something and discouraged can become a weight you carry and hard to get rid of if you don't change your heart first and its attitude then it has an effect on how you speak on a day to day. Speaking that change into a reality is up to you and your hearts real desire.

I think there is a responsibility with that especially when it is in the public eye. People complain about the effects of advertising on youth and I hope I offer a different choice to what they view out there. My style naturally comes out of me and I personally like the fact that it is something a family can possibly share together or brings them together while sending multiple messages for different ages." - Scribe

The print, original art and several original drawings will be on sale Monday at NOON EST at

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