Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Bicycle Thief Poster by Xul1349 Release Details

FAMP Art, a relatively new face in the limited edition screen printing poster game has a new release. To help celebrate the 65th anniversary of the film’s debut, FAMP Art has teamed up with Corinth Films to release a set of posters for the 1949 Italian classic Ladri di biciclette, or, more commonly known as The Bicycle Thief (Bicycle Thieves).

To introduce Vittorio De Sica’s Italian masterpiece to the screen printing community, FAMP Art sought out help from Xul1349, a Romania-based artist with heavy Gothic influences, to tackle the challenge of bringing this Academy Award winning foreign language film to life.

There will be two versions of the print available, both of which measure 24”x18” and include metallic ink on the bicycle and the film title. The regular version will have a limited run of 80 and cost $40; the variant will be more limited with a run of 45 and cost $55. The prints will go on sale via the FAMP Art website on Monday November 24th between 1 and 2pm EST.

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