Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anne Benjamin RWBY Animated Series Poster Release Details

Rooster Teeth Productions is proud to announce their second series of limited edition screen prints. They’ve teamed up with Anne Benjamin, Mark Englert, Tim Doyle, James Flames, Joshua Budich and Alexander Iaccarino to create prints that celebrate their anime series RWBY. Leading off is Chicago based illustrator Anne Benjamin.

Here’s what Anne had to say about her print.
"My poster for RWBY focuses on the main team of the show, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang and not least of all, Zwei, their unofficial canine mascot. I wanted to express the different personalities and varying strengths of the four girls against the central setting of the story, Beacon Academy. I also used angular graphic elements to hint at the mysterious powers of dust and crystals in RWBY’s world."
The first poster is $59.95 will be available at 4:00 central time on Friday, November 14th at It’s 18x24, a limited edition of 250 prints and is a 7 color screen print on 100b Cougar White printed by Nakatomi Print Labs. Numbered.

If you are like me and wondered what RWBY was, Brian of Rooster Teeth was happy to help enlighten me. It's Rooster Teeth's foray into anime and it's the first American anime series to ever be imported and re-dubbed into Japan.

and here's the wikipedia page on it

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