Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Skurktur Transcendence Print On Sale

Skurktur is a design studio based in Trondheim, Norway. The studio has been working within the field of illustration and graphic design since 2009, and are doing both personal and client based work. Most of the studio’s illustration based work is drawn with pen and ink. Portfolio: www.skurktur.com

«Transcendence» is the second print offered through their webshop. The illustration for the print was originally created for the album cover of Pelbo’s second album release from 2011 titled «Days of Transcendence».

Transcendence Print by Skurktur
Screenprint on 22,5 x 70 cm (8.85 x 27.5 in), 300g stock.
Printed in an edition of 45 on blue, 17 on pink and 8 on white.
All prints are signed, numbered and stamped by Skurktur.

Available for purchase here: http://skurktur.bigcartel.com/

Blue - 500 NOK (approx 74 USD) + shiping
Pink - 650 NOK (approx 96 USD) + shiping
White - 900 NOK (approx 133 USD) + shiping

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