Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Story The Greatest Gift Poster by Darin Shock Release Details

A Christmas Story is still one of my all time favorite movies and now Darin Shock has new poster for it that he is dropping on Monday. Entitled "The Greatest Gift", it's an 18x24", 3 color screen print that will be $40. He'll also have a metallic red variant for $50. 
Details from Darin on the poster:" A Christmas Story is not only the ultimate Christmas classic, I'm prepared to declare it one of my favorite films of all time. It's a simple tale with many rich layers and comedic hard truths about childhood. Although I didn't grow up in the time period, it paints such a vivid picture that it somehow seems familiar. Plus I've always been fascinated with the build up to Christmas. This film is just genuine.

Long before the 24 hour TBS explosion I made certain I watched it every year without exception. Now I watch it 4-5 times in a row in a debatably unhealthy manner. Simply put, no film is capable of making me feel like a kid more than A Christmas Story, and I like feeling like a kid...there's no mortgage or mouth sores.

This was indeed a passion project that I am quite proud of and very much enjoyed working on. The only downside is I had to design it (and therefore watch the film several times) in the midst of my ritualistic horror film binge of October...that was frickin' weird! The ShiningHalloween IIIA Christmas StoryPoltergeistDawn of the DeadA Christmas Story. Honestly I'm not sure if I've recovered from such unnatural experiences."
On Sale today at 2PM EST at

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