Thursday, June 4, 2015

Brad Klausen Scratch & Dent Poster Sale & Gallery Show

Details from Brad on the sale happening this week:

I've got to make some room for new posters so I'm having a dent and scratch sale.

You'll get 3 random posters from over the years for $25... I'll have anywhere from 100 - 150 tubes for sale (have quite figured out the exact number available yet), so for about 100 of those I'll also randomly throw in one of the Pearl Jam Milton Keyes misprints. Since designing that Milton Keynes print I get emails asking for dent and scratch copies because people want to have the words on the back, and since I've got about 100 of the the initial run where the type on the back ended up showing through on the front to some degree (looks mostly like subtle gray scuffs), I figured I'd throw those in for free becaue otherwise they'll just live in my flat files forever and they'd be of better use going to anyone who wanted the words on the back. They're taking up space and got to go.

As for the term "dent and scratch", I am pretty particular when it comes to how things printed so a lot of the times the posters that get put in the dent and scratch drawer, it's pretty tough to see why they got put in there in the first place. Even when I look at them, it takes me a moment to figure out why I pulled it out of the run. Other times it's a little more noticeable, but the dent and scratch posters are usually neither dented nor scratched, there's more a printing issue where something is slightly out of registration or there's a "bug" (that's screen printin' talk for a dot or small smear of ink) on it somewhere from the printing process.
Posters go on sale on Friday June 5th at 2 PM Pacific at

Brad will also be out displaying and selling his work tonight:
On another note, if you live in Seattle, I'll be participating in the downtown First Thursday Art Walk. I'll have posters from the last few years on display and for sale plus some copies of my book. I'll be hanging out at the gallery the whole night so if you want anything signed or want to come chat, stop by the Motion Media Showroom located on 524 1st Ave. S. in Pioneer Square and have some wine and cheese and look at some art all around downtown!

The First Thursday Art Walk goes from 5 - 9 PM, but if you can't make it tomorrow the show will be up until July 1st.

Here's a link to the Motion Media site if you need directions.

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