Monday, March 6, 2017

Malleus Sonic Wolves Poster And Okami Print Release

Malleus will have their Sonic Wolves tour poster and new art print titled Okami on sale Monday.

Sonic Wolves is a 6 color screen print on white paper with an edition of 120 copies and its AP version "OKAMI" 6 colors on silver paper with an edition of 26 copies. 

If you're wondering what Okami is well.....   Okami is the Japanese name for the creature commonly called the Japanese wolf (Canus lupus hodophylax), which became extinct in 1905. In folklore, the wolf was associated with the mountains and was thought to be both benevolent and malevolent. An anonymous Japanese said that "[no animal] is as frightening as [the wolf] is." It is quick and agile, and Yanagita Kunio, the father of Japanese folklore studies, said that "the wolf can hide even where there is only a single reed". In Edo period Japan, the word yama-inu became slang for a rabid dog. On the other hand, the wolf has a benevolent side as well. At night when travelers are lost in the mountains, the wolf at times will escort them to the doors of their homes. In such capacity, these wolves are known as okuri-ôkami (送り狼, "sending wolf"). In some stories of okuri-ôkami, the wolf is never seen, but its presence is known by the constant chirping of a sparrow at the traveler's side.

Both prints will be on sale Monday March 6 at a random time at

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