Tuesday, March 28, 2017

James Flames Dave Matthews And SXSW Film Fest Posters Release

James Flames will release two brand new posters on Tuesday that his really psyched about. 

First is a poster James made for Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds' recent show in Dublin, Ireland from last week. The illustration is titled "Our Afternoon Melody", and features an Irish musician playing his tin whistle. He's accompanied by a family of wolves, who sing along with his song, and the melody fills the warm afternoon air.

Next is the poster James created for the SXSW Film Festival. James felt it was a true honor to be commissioned by the folks at SXSW to create the official poster for the event.

The illustration is titled "Until It Feels Like Home", and the scene takes place in an old theater, completely in bloom with plants and flowers, and a group of friends who have brought their magic keys with them, and begin to prepare the theater for the most incredible show ever. 

Everything will be available  Tuesday, March 28th at 1pm Eastern on www.JamesFlames.com

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