Monday, March 13, 2017

Rob Loukotka Uprising The Ruins of Chicago Poster Release

Rob Loukotka has essentially designed a vintage travel poster, but for our dystopian future! Giant robots destroying Chicago (Rob lives in Chicago). Rob loves drawing things like this, sort of a really silly map. They used to do aerial illustrations like this 100 years ago, but travel posters of that style sort of fell out of favor after the camera. So he wanted to draw a 'not lame' travel poster. So he added robots and blew up most of the city. Pretty fun to draw, as you can just throw crap on the ground and blow it up.

The regular is an open edition, for $45
The variant (Chicago Blue) is a limited edition of just 100, for $65

Both are 18 x 24" screen prints, with 3 colors, on 100C cover stock.

On sale now at

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