Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ammo Brazil Movie Poster

Cult Classic Prints has released new movie poster by Ammo featuring the Terry Gilliam classic Brazil.

Dimensions: 24 »x36"
Run Size: 50
Colors: 12 Including 2 x Metallic Inks & a Split Fountain
Paper: Curious Metallics White Gold
Printed by VGkids

I asked Ammo about his idea for the design:
This poster was a real challenge, mainly because Brazil is a masterpiece and I really would like to synthesize the craziness bureaucracy mixed with the surrealism approach of Gilliam’s imagination and also because I’m not get used to draw buildings, which take a large place in the movie.

After some sketches, Lowry’s office appears to be really important as a central element of the illustration and then, I start hiding a lot of details referred to specific scene the movie.
At least, I thought that the buildings could be made out of paperwork would be the cherry on the cake.
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