Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Matt Griffin Sweet Thing David Bowie Print

Matt Griffin made a couple of prints for the group exhibition 'PIN UPS', which launched the Dublin Bowie Festival in January 2017. Bowie songs were chosen by media & music industry personalities and then represented in poster form by six top Irish illustrators - Peter Donnelly, Ale Mercado, Lauren O'Neill, Steve Doogan, Roger O'Reilly and himself.

In honor of the charitable causes Bowie supported (and there were many) Matt will be donating €10 for every poster sold to War Child

Oh! You Pretty Things
A1 (840 x 594mm)
Printed 170g/m² art print paper
Limited run of 50 each, signed by the artist.

 Sweet Thing
A1 (840 x 594mm)
Digital Print on 170g/m² art print paper
Limited run of 50, signed by the artist.

Matt on the idea for Sweet Thing
I made for a group exhibition dedicated to the songs of David Bowie a couple of months ago.. We were each given two Bowie songs and asked to visualise in a poster.. So this one, for ’Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing' contains a few easter eggs based on the story of how/when the song was written (eg Bowie talked about a future Orwellian dystopia with gangs on giant roller skates ‘with crazy hair and bowie knives’.. Hence the quotes from 1984 on the billboards, the gang down the alley etc)
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